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Raniganj Coalfield, which falls under E.C.L is the birth place of coal mining in the Country.  In 1774, first mining operation in the Country was started in this Coalfield by Sumner & Heatly. In 1820, first Coal Company M/s. Alexander & Company was established. In 1835, first Indian Enterprise i.e. M/s. Carr & Tagore Company was formed. In 1843, the first joint stock coal Company i.e. M/s. Bengal Coal Company was formed. Since then, underground coal mining operation had been continuing in Raniganj Coalfields by numerous small owners. Raniganj Coalfield remained the principal producer of coal in India in 19th Century and considerable period of the 20th Century.


Prince Dwarkanath Tagore

In 1973, all Non-coking Coal Mines were nationalized and brought under Eastern Division of Coal Mines Authority Limited.  In 1975 Eastern Coalfields Limited, a Subsidiary of Coal India Limited (C.I.L) was formed and inherited all the private sector coal mines of Raniganj Coalfields.


ECL Headquarter at SANCTORIA

ECL mining leasehold area is 753.75 Sq.Kms and surface right area is 237.18 Sq.Kms. It is situated in two States-West Bengal and Jharkhand. Raniganj Coalfield is spreading over Burdwan, Birbhum, Bankura and Purulia Districts in West Bengal. Saherjuri Coalfield in Deoghar District of Jharkhand which is being worked as SP Mines Area under ECL. Hura Coalfields in Godda District of Jharkhand is also under ECL, where ECL’s largest opencast mine Rajmahal is situated. Heart of Raniganj Coalfields is located on the north of Ajoy while Mejia and Parbelia are on south of Damodar River.  In Dhanbad District, Mugma field lies on the west of Barakar River. Formation of coal seems has occurred mainly in two sequence at ECL- Raniganj measures & Barakar measures.  Raniganj measures covers the entire coalfield of Raniganj-Pandaveswar, Kajora, Jhanjra, Bankola, Kenda, Sonepur, Kunustoria, Satgram, Sripur, Sodepur & Partly at Salanpur Areas. Barakar measures covers two areas Salanpur & Mugma Areas, SP_Mines & Rajmahal Areas are mainly related to Barakar measure & Talchair series.

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At present ECL has 98 no. of operating mines out of which 77 are underground mines, 21 are opencast mines. The existing manpower in Eastern Coalfields Limited as on 01.07.2013 is 72973.

Birth Place of Coal Mining in the Country

As on 1.4.2012, the total coal reserve in ECL command area upto 600 metre depth is 49.17 Billion tone out of which 30.61 billion tone is in the State of West Bengal and 18.56 Billion tone is in the State of Jharkhand.  Total proved reserve in the state of West Bengal is 12.42 billion tonnes and 4.52 billion tone is in the State of Jharkhand.


The Raniganj measures coal has special characteristics containing the best type of non-coking coal reserves in the country with average ash percentage of less than 20%.  The main features of this coal are high volatile content, long flame, quick ignition and high heat value. All the heat intensive industries like glass, ceramics, fertilizers, refractories, forging, etc. use Raniganj coal.  Other Industries also prefer Raniganj coal.  The major portion of export coal from the country is contributed from Raniganj coalfield.  Raniganj coal which is the most important by way of its higher quality, low ash content and its requirement under MOEF stipulations, is most suited to Power Utilities for replacing the import quantity.  Due to its unique characteristics Raniganj coal has high demand in the market throughout the Country.

Barakar measures coals are low moisture, high fixed carbon, low sulphur & are suitable for modern power houses & other small scale industries.

ECL has earned gain over notified price Rs. 153.67 crore from e-auction during the year 2008-09, Rs. 112.25 crore  in 2009-10, Rs. 92.57 crore in 2010-11, Rs. 471.01 crore in 2011-12 and Rs. 390.80 crore in 2012-13

E.C.L. produces best quality non-coking coal

The total coal production of ECL at the time of nationalization was around 21 million tonnes, of which over 19 million tonnes was from underground mines and the rest from manual quarries. Immediately after nationalization, efforts were made to improve production level with addition of inputs by way of both short-term and long term investment resulting into increase in production.  However, owing to suspension of operation of number of  mines/ units on the ground of  exhaustion of coal reserves in working seams, on safety ground as well as being uneconomic and problem of land acquisition for depillaring with caving as well as gradual reduction of loader strength production from underground mines could not be sustained and got reduced considerably. However, with introduction of semi-mechanized loading system and application of Mass Production Technology the negative trend has somewhat been arrested.

In order to sustain and augment the underground production a road map has been formulated envisaging mechanization of manual mines by way of introduction of SDL/LHD in loading operation covering more mines wherever practically feasible.  Presently company is deploying 218 nos. of SDL and 37 nos. of LHD.

In 2011-12 113 Nos. SDLs were procured, out of which as 70 nos. are against replacement and 43 nos. are additional. These SDLs have been procured to eliminate manual loading, enhance safety and nullify the impact of superannuation of loaders.

24 UDMs have been recently procured to improve efficacy of roof bolting  and to curb shortage of manpower.

Re-organization of UG districts with rationalisation of manpower is being done in a phased manner to optimise resources and improve productivity.

Apart from this, for augmentation of underground production a few mines have been identified for introduction of Mass production technology by way of deployment Continuous Miner with shuttle Car on risk/gain sharing basis.  At the first instance Continuous Miner Package was introduced at Jhanjra Project in collaboration with M/s. Joy Mining Machinery Limited on risk/gain sharing basis in Sept. 2007 and is running successfully at present.  One more Continuous Miner commissioned  in Sarpi UG mine of Bankola Area and started production by the end of August 2010. LOA has been issued for 3rd Continuous Miner of ECL at Jhanjra and the equipment is likely to arrive by the year end 2013.  LOA has also been issued for 1.7 MTY capacity Powered Support Longwall Face at Jhanjra and developmental activities are in progress.

Power Plant-Core Sector Principal Consumer

Rajmahal Opencast Project
Performance Highlights of 2012-13:

Coal Production : 33.90 M.Te        (Highest since Inception)
Coal Off-take : 35.50 M.Te        (Highest since Inception)
OB Removal : 76.53 M.Cum      (Highest since Inception)
Annual Turnover : Rs. 12076.17 Cr. (Highest since Inception)
Profitability : Rs. 1656.54 Cr.   (Highest since Inception)
PBT : Rs. 1897.18 Cr.   (Highest since Inception)


Underground Coal Mine

Forestry Clearance - Forestry clearance is pending more than 5 years.

> Rehabilitation & Resettlement Policy – To meet increasing expectations of Project Affected Persons.

> Reduction of cost of production in real terms.

> Augmentation of UG production – Infusion of modern technologies.

> Safe Mining - Reduction of accident rate.

> Manual loading being replaced by Mechanical loading in phased manner.

> Suspension of mining activities in unviable mines.

Continuous Miner


       * Opening of New Mines
       * Augmentation of production from Existing mines.
       * Technology upgradation
       * Mechanization of UG Mines.
       * Rationalisation of  mines & manpower.
       * Improved sales realization for high grade coal for UG loss recovery.




In order to meet the growing demand of coal of the consumers, Eastern Coalfields Limited intends to increase coal production from both Opencast and Underground Mines from the existing level of coal production to the tune of 50 MTY.

Preparedness for UG Production:

Phasing out of manual operation and conversion of manual mines to semi-mechanized mines deploying SDL/LHD  with  deployment of  UDM in order to augment production and productivity .

> Introduction of Mass production technology deploying Continuous Miner in more no of identified  mines like _ Jhanjra Ph-II, Jhanjra Low height CM, Tilaboni , Shankarpur  KumardihiB and Pandaveswar –Dalurband

> Introduction of High Capacity Longwall at Jhanjra in R-VI seam.

> Development of Mines (UG)  on MDO route -  Chinakuri , Ghusick (R) etc.

> Identification  and selection of suitable mines for Technology development and Modernization  - 9 UG mines has since been  identified  for technology development and modernization like  Chinakuri -I, ShyampurB-, Badjna , Nimcha, Ghusick UG , Kumardihi B ( C and E Pit) , South Samla , Haripur and Sidhuli.

> Introduction of Man Riding System: Installation of Man riding System in 5 UG mines of > 2 Km distance (one side) in first phase

Preparedness for OC Production:

> Current years Action Plan ( 2013-14)  encompassing physical as well as financial parameters on Quarterly Basis  have already been drawn in order to achieve the current years target.  Three years Rolling Action Plan of each mine/Projects are being drawn  which will be closely monitored. Monitoring of identified XII Plan Projects at various level in order to achieve the target of coal production of  balance period of XII Plan is being done regularly.

> Expediting procurement action for P&M and HEMM in order to achieve current year’s target and balance years of XII Plan  targets .

> Intensive monitoring of development activities both for existing and ongoing and future projects for timely implementation/ commissioning of these Projects

> Training and rationalization of manpower deployment in mines.

> Well planned strategy for acquisition of land and rehabilitation of Project affected families (PAF’S);

> Expansion of Rajmahal Project from 10.50 Million Tonne (MT) per year to 17 MT per year,  Expansion of Sonepur Bazari from 3.40 MT per year to 8 MT per year, Expansion of Chitra from 1.22 MT to 2.50 MT per year, Expansion of Mohanpur OC from 0.45 MT per annum to 1.00 MT per annum, Khottadih Expansion OC(1.5 MTY) , Opening of Greenfield Projects at Chuperbhita for 4 MT per year, Hurra – ‘C’ for 3 MT per year ,Simlong OC Extn ( 2MTY).

> Request for Qualification(RFQ)  has been floated in respect of Itapara OCP (Capacity – 3MTY)  on 29-06- 2013 for operation through MDO route. Next course of action in the matter including Request for  Production (RFP)  will follow soon.

> Certain Projects whose production is envisaged in XIIth Plan is subject to EC and FC Clearance and development of Rail infrastructure.  Effort is being taken to expedite EC and FC clearance in time. These projects are as follows:

Name of the Project
Capacity (Mty)
EC&FC clearance required
Chitra East OC
EC exists.Stage –II clearance is required for Forest clearance
Chuperbhita OC
EC exists.FC pending with MoEF
Hura C OC
EC exists.FC pending with MoEF
Simlong ( Extention OC)
EC and FC required
Sonepur ( Comb) OC
EC exists. FC required after 10 years

> In order to deal with issues relating to environment, land and R&R , meeting at regular interval are held with concerned Central / State agencies . Last meeting with Jharkhand Govt. was held on these issues on 5th July Ranchi wherein these issues of  concern were deliberated.

> To improve reliability and availability of HEMM, procurement of new/ replacement HEMM against survey off. Request for Qualification(RFQ)  has been floated in respect of Itapara OCP (Capacity – 3MTY)  on 29-06- 2013 for operation through MDO route. Next course of action in the matter including Request for  Production (RFP)  will follow soon.

HEMM Procurement Action
During 2012-13 During 2013-14
Surveyed Off Repl. Proc. Surveyed Off Received Ordered Tendered To be
15 29 55 3 35
4 1
5 3
10 13
6 5
6 20
3 1 10
55 24 15 45 56 24 43

Construction of Washery:

Chitra Washery (2.5 MTY) 

The proposed Chitra Washery(2.5 MTY) is under process.



Major CSR activities undertaken by ECL during 2012-13:
Baseline Survey / Need Assessment:

In terms DPE Guidelines and CIL CSR Policy Baseline Survey / Need Assessment Study (NAS) for Rajmahal, Sonepur Bazari and Pandaveswar has been conducted by engaging National Corporate Social Responsibility Hub (NCSR HUB) – Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS).

In the First Phase, Baseline Survey/Need Assessment Survey has been conducted in 14 villages of Rajmahal Area of Jharkhand and the final report has been submitted, which is under examination. In the second phase Baseline Survey/Need Assessment Survey has been conducted by NCSR Hub in the Sonepur Bazari and Pandaveswar of West Bengal, which has been completed and report is expected to be received shortly
Proposals from Govt. of Jharkhand:
Mini Rural Water Supply Scheme for Village Bodra, Rajmahal Area.

A proposal initiated by Jharkhand Government amounting to ` 1.20 crore has been undertaken by ECL to address to the condition of drinking water facility prevailing in the location of Bodra Village under Rajmahal Area. 50% of the amount to the tune of ` 60.08 lakhs has been released to carry out the activity as first stage of work to DC Godda, Government of Jharkhand.
Construction of Additional Classroom at Maheela College, Godda.

The proposals for above work received from DC, Godda has been approved for an estimated amount of ` 2.95 crore. An amount of `1.47 crore have been released to DC Godda, Government of Jharkhand for the execution of first stage of work.
Construction of Additional Classroom at Deoghar College, Deoghar:

The proposal for above work received from DC, Deoghar for an estimated amount of `2.95 crore has been approved. An amount of `1.02 crores have been released to DC, Deoghar, Government of Jharkhand for execution of the work.
Skill Development Initiatives of ECL with ATDC, Jharkhand.

ECL with its initiatives to provide livelihood to project affected people of coalfield areas in collaboration with Apparel Training & Design Centre (ATDC), a Nodal Agency, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, two training programmes were sponsored consisting of 44 and 43 candidates belonging to weaker section of the society SC/ST/OBC and after training all were given gainful placement in the different textile industries of Bangalore, Delhi and Ranchi. An amount of ` 8.77 lakhs has been spent in this regard. This initiative taken by ECL towards the Skill Development was appreciated by Secretary, Ministry of Textile, Government of India and also applauded to initiate more of such training
Mini Rural Water Supply Scheme for Village Bodra, Rajmahal Area.

A proposal initiated by Jharkhand Government amounting to ` 1.20 crore has been undertaken by ECL to address to the condition of drinking water facility prevailing in the location of Bodra Village under Rajmahal Area. 50% of the amount to the tune of ` 60.08 lakhs has been released to carry out the activity as first stage of work to DC Godda, Government of Jharkhand.
Women Empowerment at Bankola Area:

Another step to strengthen the women belonging to the weaker section of the society in the area of sustainable development and women empowerment is being undertaken by providing training in Tailoring, and other Village Industries product like Candle Making, Food Processing, Silk Screen Painting, Phenyle and Liquid Soap Making to the 100 women of nearby villages of Bankola Area. An amount of ` 9.89 lakhs has been approved for this project run by an NGO Durgapur Creative Welfare Society in the name of “SWABHIMAAN” under the supervision of WIPS and AIWC of ECL. 
Summer Camp at Bidhan Chandra Pratibandhi Karma Kendra, Khandra:

A Camp was organized for the distribution of aids and appliances for the physically challenged persons of Bidhan Chandra Pratibandhi Karma Kendra, Khandra is an sheer example of sharing value in the society by AIWC. It also distribute items of regular use among the Old Aged persons of Prantik Old Age Home Burnpur for the upliftment of downtrodden and weaker section of the society.
Imparting free Computer EducationTraining at DAV School, Pandaveswar:

A school for imparting training on Computer skill has been opened for children belonging to the poor and weaker section of the society at Pandaveswar Area which is facilitating habitants of the nearby villages and surrounding areas where there is no facilities for conducting Computer training.
MOU Activities for 2012-13:

Sl No.
Performance Indicator
Measurement Unit
Target for the year
Date of Reporting of
Details to TISS Database
Date of Acceptance
Conveyed to TISS
Providing Drinking Water by 60 nos. of Hand Pumps in nearby villages (Rajmahal Area)
Rs. Lakh
Completed in March – 2013
Lighting by Solar Lights in the villages nearby (Rajmahal Area).
Rs. Lakh 20
Completed in March – 2013
Construction of PCC Road from Nemapanchayat Bhawan to Telegama Village via Joharsthan with culverts.
Month of Completion
Completed in March – 2013
Providing well equipped Mobile Medical Van (1 No.)
Month of Completion
Completed in March – 2013
Construction of 2 nos. room at Pandaveswar Community Centre.
Month of Completion
Completed in August – 2012



Since the year 2010-11, a programme of Block Repairing started. In the year 2010-11, against the target of 3869 quarters 3716 quarters completed. In the year 2011-12, against the target of 4647 quarters, 4427 Quarters completed. In the year 2012-13, against the target of 4500 quarters, 4136 quarters completed.
For improvement of Water- supply and portability of water 23 different schemes have been undertaken in different Areas of ECL covering total population of 5, 33,587.
A new 10 bedded hospital at Jhanjra has been constructed and commissioned with the facilities of indoor treatment. The hospital was inaugurated by Sri Rakesh Sinha, CMD ECL on 22nd March 2013.
A proposal for opening of DAV School at JHANJHRA Area with CBSE Syllabus has been approved. Action to start the college is being taken up.
In addition to 2 number of school bus, one more bus has been sanctioned for SP Mines in 2012-13.
03 class room and toilets with a cost of Rs.20.44 lakhs has been sanctioned for DAV School, SP Mines.
1048 cases have been referred to reputed hospital for advanced treatment of patients as per the policy.
PME has been done for 14988 employees against target of 14876 during the year 2012.
A proposal for renovation & repair of Sanctoria Hospital for Rs. 49, 64,276.56 was approved, which is under process.
Services of Specialists have been rationalized. Specialists from Sanctoria & CH Kalla are visiting Mugma Regional Hospital and Bansra Regional Hospital.
Total of 674 no of health camps on immunization, school health, blood donation, HIV/AIDS awareness, thyroid awareness, eye camp, family welfare were undertaken during the year 2012-13 covering 36032 beneficiaries.
Intercompany CARROM TOURNAMENT 2012-13 was organized by ECL from 21st of April to 23rd of April at Mines Rescue Station.
Inter- Area Games and Sports have been organized as per Sports Calendar and Rs.19.19 lakh have been spent.
ECL cricket team won the championship trophy of CIL Inter Company Tournament 2012-13.
ECL Football Team declared joint winner of CIL Inter Company Football Tournament 2012-13.
ECL Cultural Team declared champion in CIL Inter Company Cultural Tournament 2012-13.

Major welfare activites

Block Repairing of Quarters

Considering the condition of the houses/quarters which are very old in nature, from last year the concept of block repairing was introduced whose status given below:

Year No.of Units Amount Spent
( Lakhs)
2010-2011 3640 732.63
2011-2012 4344 861.42


Water Supply Schemes

> No. of Water Supply Schemes have been approved during 2011-12  status of which is appended below:

Year No of projects approved No.of Projects completed Amount Spent ( Lakhs)
2011-2012 76 41 178.18



> The health care system includes preventive and curative aspects. It has:-

* Two Central Hospitals

* 10 Peripheral Hospital

* Dispensaries in all administrative Areas of ECL to cater treatment at each unit.

Up gradation of central hospital with addition of following equipment –

* Fully automated Bio chemistry analyzer.
* Electrolyte Analyzer.
* C.Arm with OT table.
* Dialysis machine.
* Telemedicine.
* 2 body AC mortuary.
* Laparoscopic surgery equipment.
* Multi Para monitors.
* Ventilators.
* Nails & plates for orthopedic surgery.
* Ultrasound.

Major CSR Activities

> A total  amount of Rs. 13.14 crore has been utilized to carry out different CSR activities during 2011-12 in ECL.
> Major activities undertaken under CSR during 11-12 in ECL:

* An amount of Rs. 111.72 lakhs has been sanctioned for upgradation of Netaji Eye Hospital. In first phase, an amount of Rs. 25.35 lakhs has been provided for procuring medical equipment and Rs. 20.50 lakhs for civil works.
* In second phase an amount of Rs. 37.75 lakhs will be given for medical equipment and Rs. 28.11 lakh for completing the civil construction works.
> Assistance of Bidhan Chandra Pratibandhi Karma Kendra, Khandra:

* An amount of Rs. 3.78 lakhs sanctioned for Bidhan Chandra Pratibandhi Karma Kendra to provide Artificial limbs/Prosthesis Arm Crutches, tri-cycles, wheel chairs, Prosthesis spectacles and hearing aids etc. to the physically challenged children of the said school.

Supply of Drinking Water

> Villages around Rajmahal Area have been provided with 50 nos. of deep tube wells and 45 nos. of water tankers were deployed to meet the acute water scarcity in the area.
> 38 nos. of hand pumps have also been installed/ repaired in the said area. Action has already been taken for sinking another 9 nos. of deep tube wells for supply of water to the villagers.
> Laying of pipelines, digging of ponds, sinking of wells and bore-holes, installation of hand pumps have also been undertaken in other Areas of ECL under CSR programme. A sum of Rs. 447.12 lakhs have been spent under this head.

Infrastructure Development 2011-12

> Construction and repair of PCC & Concrete roads, drains, culverts and construction of urinals
> Construction and repair of community centers, boundary walls  etc.
> Construction of burning ghats
> Construction of children parks
> Facilitating electrification of villages
> 68 nos. of solar lights have already been installed in villages around Rajmahal command area of ECL.

A sum of Rs. 175.30 lakhs has been incurred on infrastructural development.

> In ECL, Corporate Medical Department is contributing substantially in promoting and  maintaining harmonious relationship amongst the employees and their family through rendering specialised services besides their day to day job to the people.

Mobile Medical Vans:

Total no. of Mobile Medical Vans
4 nos.
Total no. of Camps organised through Mobile Medical Vans during 2011-12
51 nos.
Total no. of beneficiaries Health Camps during 2011-12
Total no. of health camps
Total no. of beneficiaries


20 Cu.M. Rope Shovel with 170T Dumper.

A view of the Coal Handling Plant

A new 10 bedded hospital at Jhanjra has been constructed and commissioned with the facilities of indoor treatment. The hospital was inaugurated by Sri Rakesh Sinha, CMD ECL

 Laparoscopic Surgery at Sanctoria Hospital

CIL Foundation Day Kolkata

DAV Public School, Chitra (S.P. Mines)

Housing Complex of ECL

CIL Carrom Tournament was hosted by ECL at Mines Rescue Station, Sitarampur

ECL Cricket team was winners in the CIL Inter Company Cricekt Tournament 2012-13

Pressure Filter (7500GPH) and Electrochlorinator Unit installed and commissioned at Bejdih Colliery, Sodepur Area

 Plantation at Sonepur Bazari Open Cast Project

 Skill Development Initiatives of ECL with ATDC, Jharkhand


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